Floricimiento — Reflourishing

Ashes of copal,
sugar, pine, cinnamon,
burned for spirits
of ancestors past.
Talamante, Zavala, Quevedo,
Tojin, Martinez, Hernandez,
Yaxon, Brown, McCaughan.

A natural bed
of pine needles
cushions our knees.
Fire crackles
reminding us
the creator births energy

in twenty moments.

Orange flames lick
the copper half dome
turned upside down.
Awakening the dancing spirits
of abuelas and abuelos,
madres and padres,
niñas and niños of our world.

Burgundy petals encircle
the darkening pot
red threads bind us
in community.
Northern white flowers
invoke the purity
of inner freedom.

Surrounded by circles
of purple leaves,
peaceful silence
heals deep,
painful scars,
opens wounds
for others to tend.

Pan dulce, chocolate, honey
under blue sky
sweeten the ceremony.
Birdsongs so melodic
hummingbirds hover,
healing Olga.

Yellow flora strengthen
our resolve to overcome
the disease of
body and mind
separating us
from each other
and our souls.

Ay, curandera,
bring us home
together as one.
Nawales of time
and heartbeat
sound energy
along new passages.

Gracias a la tierra verde.
Gracias a los espíritus.
Gracias a la comunidad.

©Leanne A. Grossman


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