Social and political commentary on issues of the day.

Defacing Adult Education: California Schools Threatened with Extinction

Adult education is a vital public service, but it’s on the chopping block in California.

More Than Money—Scholarships Boost Extraordinary Latinas

The Chicana Latina Foundation’s unique scholarship program through the perspective of the organization’s annual awards dinner.

A Matter of Life and Health: Villagers in Kazakhstan Fight Big Oil

The noxious smell of rotten eggs regularly blows over the rural village of Berezovka, Kazakhstan. The fumes come directly from the Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field only five kilometers away, which emits toxic hydrogen sulfide during oil and gas extraction and refining.

From the Playbook of a Con

I opened Dad’s checkbook to buy some medical supplies. Hmmm, I thought, the balance is getting low. I scanned the previous entries and was shocked by what I saw—thousands of dollars in checks paid to his caregiver, far more than her salary. I could never have imagined that our family would be the victims of con artists. After all, we were well educated, worldly and wise. No matter! A con is smarter and wilier than you and me put together.

Mind Your Electronic Manners

An opinion piece about the misuse of digital devices during concerts. (Photo Miami New Times)

Refugees in Azerbaijan

Caught in the political machinations of the Azerbaijani and Armenian governments, refugees in Sumgait, Azerbaijan may never be able to return home to Nagorno-Karabagh. Read about their lives in this oil-rich country where the vast majority complain of acute health problems.

Left Behind—Republic of Georgia

One of the troubling outcomes of the post-Soviet era of independence is the collapse of the safety net for older people.

So Girls May Thrive

Meeting Mayan women on the shores of Lake Atítlan, Guatemala, revealed sad truths about how poverty and patriarchy interlink to threaten the health of women and girls. The local nonprofit health clinic, Rxiin Tnamet, provides a lasting antidote.