Commentary, poetry and stories on different cultural events locally and internationally.

Bird blog

So I enter Progressive Grounds café in the San Francisco Mission district for a reading from “Love, InshAllah, the Secret Love Lives of  American Muslim Women,” when a bird walks in. Not just any old bird, but a blue and gold macaw. It sits down, well, perches, on the top of a chair. His owner […]

More Than Money—Scholarships Boost Extraordinary Latinas

The Chicana Latina Foundation’s unique scholarship program through the perspective of the organization’s annual awards dinner.

In the Land Where Drumming Began

A drumming and dancing trip to the island of Roume in Guinea, West Africa turned up many surprises.

In the Heart of the Mission

An afternoon in the Mission sings of cultural vitality, old and new.

Walking Among the Ancients

Petra, Jordan: The descent into the valley that disguises the ancient town of Petra held no clue what historical and cultural intrigue I was about to discover. Stepping onto the path, the city of stone drew me into a corridor in the belly of “Jordan’s Grand Canyon” where striated rocks of rusty red, mauve and rose frame the walkway. I felt transported to an earlier era awash in spirits.

All Praises to Teachers

A poem about my experience at Born to Drum, a women’s drum camp for all levels, which takes place every July at Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma, California. (Photo courtesy Afia Walking Tree)

Floricimiento — Reflourishing

A poetic reflection on the Mayan-guided healing ceremony of a dear friend. (Photo by John Kaine)

Balinese Fishers

With just a weekend to spend in Bali, I wanted to get a taste of the culture. So I headed in the opposite direction of the tourist spots and stayed at an Indonesian-owned hotel in a fishing village.