All Praises to Teachers

Back home from a musical interlude

Wandering and wondering

How I found a place in my soul

I’d never met before

Hidden between the rhythms

Tapping out our truths


The sweet spot emerged

In the generosity of teachers

Offering up drums

Playing for unending hours

Cooking up a curry of women’s spirits

Spicing up surrounding hills


Embraced by the Miwok landscape

The wild ones walk more safely

Where the creek still flows

And the hawks still fly

In a place we borrow

One week at a time


Teachers sharing music

Of healing and respect,

Honoring elders and enlightening our days

Womanhood so faithful

Neither hostility nor doubt

Can break the bonds


We thirst for the rhythms,

Like nomads circling the desert

Returning to the place with the coolest waters

To drum, dance and sing our way

Back to each other

Back to our selves

Forward to the fiery, new universe of love

©Leanne A. Grossman


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