About Leanne

In nature I find peace, relief and truth. A tree never lies. Ever since I was a child I have loved being in forests and along streams. I feel blessed to be able to spend more time in nature now and share my knowledge and background with people of all ages.

We are fortunate in the Bay Area to still be able to enjoy undeveloped natural and rural lands that have been decimated in other areas. From Rodeo Beach’s glistening cove to the sturdy redwoods on both sides of the bay to the tule elk of Pt. Reye’s, there is always a place to adventure.
Working for the City of Oakland’s Park & Rec department, I get the chance to share with kids and adults my passion for all things natural. When Oakland campers peer into my nature kit, they might find animal skeletons or preserved insects or dissected redwood branches. And living on the Pacific migratory flyway guarantees we’ll see a range of fascinating shorebirds any day of the week to pique our curiosity about their habits and habitats.

I hope you’ll enjoy the photos and stories I offer here. If you’d like to order any of the photographs, send me an email. Thanks for your interest.

Leanne A. Grossman is a California naturalist and writer based in Oakland, California with Certificates in natural history, and environmental management and technology.

In her free time, Leanne plays the West African djembe, takes on friends and foes in Scrabble and finds adventure in wild places.