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From the Playbook of a Con

I opened Dad’s checkbook to buy some medical supplies. Hmmm, I thought, the balance is getting low. I scanned the previous entries and was shocked by what I saw—thousands of dollars in checks paid to his caregiver, far more than her salary. I could never have imagined that our family would be the victims of con artists. After all, we were well educated, worldly and wise. No matter! A con is smarter and wilier than you and me put together.

Spring Scare

Mt. Diablo’s Mitchell Canyon is an accessible and exciting place to see wildflowers and wildlife in June. The path has an easy incline and levels off most of the way. Buckeyes are bursting forth with clusters of tiny white flowers. Ithuriel’s spear, which resembles a spear as much as a dalmation resembles a terrier, lights […]