Archives for January 2011

Unfrozen in Time—Canadian Rockies

When planning trips, especially to wild places, I avoid looking at pictures of my destination in advance. When I finally get there, the experience is vivid and full of surprises. On a week-long hiking, bicycling and boating trip in the Canadian Rockies in 2003, I marveled at exquisite mountain vistas and weird natural adaptations on every leg of the adventure.

Left Behind—Republic of Georgia

One of the troubling outcomes of the post-Soviet era of independence is the collapse of the safety net for older people.

The Streets of San Miguel Allende, Mexico

The town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico’s heartland is its own colorful work of art.

Ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon

More than 50 miles northeast of Beirut lies Baalbek, ruins of Canaanite and later, Roman architecture. Once called Heliopolis, City of the Sun, it houses multi-ton rocks whose cutting and moving predated the Christian era. The Temple of Jupiter, seen here, weighs 455-tons, according to archeologists.

Balinese Fishers

With just a weekend to spend in Bali, I wanted to get a taste of the culture. So I headed in the opposite direction of the tourist spots and stayed at an Indonesian-owned hotel in a fishing village.

So Girls May Thrive

Meeting Mayan women on the shores of Lake Atítlan, Guatemala, revealed sad truths about how poverty and patriarchy interlink to threaten the health of women and girls. The local nonprofit health clinic, Rxiin Tnamet, provides a lasting antidote.

Hiking to My Heart’s Desire

A hike to majestic Heart’s Desire Beach on Tomales Bay yields an unexpected wonder.

Kauai’s Colors

Kauai’s ocean and canyon views exceed all expectations and descriptions.


A safari to Tanzania revealed layers of prehistory inside 3 national parks.

Blind Date: Siberia

Relationships emerge in the oddest places; this one outside of Irkutsk, Russia in a village on the largest and most lovely fresh-water lake in the world: Lake Baikal, known as the pearl of Siberia.