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Mt. Diablo’s Moonscape

Find out why Mt. Diablo is growing a whole lot of wildflowers this year.

Ladybug Love Fest

Swarms of ladybugs turn some trails of Redwood Regional Park bright red.

Coming and Going

Coming and Going A riot of chickadees flock and flit about my garden, flying under the old oak offering acorns one by one. From the orange and the olive to the Mexican sage they hang upside down like tiny circus performers probing purple blooms for the sweet summer nectar the hummers missed. Constant conversation continues […]

Grand Lake Theatre Pulls Olympus Has Fallen From its Lineup

News that Grand Lake Theatre owner Allen Michaan pulled Olympus Has Fallen from movie lineup.

Stop Airing “Olympus Has Fallen”

I am giving the letter below to a local movie theatre owner (of Grand Lake Theatre, Oakland, CA)  to urge him to stop airing the violent and racist movie, “Olympus Has Fallen.” I ask you to do the same at your local theatre. And by the way, DON’T see the movie. Dear Mr. Michaan: I […]

Defacing Adult Education: California Schools Threatened with Extinction

Adult education is a vital public service, but it’s on the chopping block in California.

Bird blog

So I enter Progressive Grounds café in the San Francisco Mission district for a reading from “Love, InshAllah, the Secret Love Lives of  American Muslim Women,” when a bird walks in. Not just any old bird, but a blue and gold macaw. It sits down, well, perches, on the top of a chair. His owner […]

A Simple Lesson

A blog on a street encounter.

Rebuild the Dream

A book review of Van Jones’s latest release, Rebuild the Dream.

Occupy our Food Supply

Occupy our Food Supply blog in solidarity with RAN’s day of action.