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Natural Texture


We always think of texture as something you must touch to understand. But seeing texture evokes a response as well.

The Streets of San Miguel Allende, Mexico

Garage with hibiscus

The town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico’s heartland is its own colorful work of art.

Ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon


More than 50 miles northeast of Beirut lies Baalbek, ruins of Canaanite and later, Roman architecture. Once called Heliopolis, City of the Sun, it houses multi-ton rocks whose cutting and moving predated the Christian era. The Temple of Jupiter, seen here, weighs 455-tons, according to archeologists.

Kauai’s Colors

Kalalau beach

Kauai’s ocean and canyon views exceed all expectations and descriptions.


Maasai giraffes

A safari to Tanzania revealed layers of prehistory inside 3 national parks.