Mystery of the Ancient Bristlecone Pines

Bristlecone pine tree

Envision being alive before Moses traversed the desert. Imagine existence before the Mayans disappeared. Consider life on Earth some 4,800 years ago. The Great Basin bristlecone pines in the forest of the White-Inyo Mountains of eastern California have survived that long. Scientists have … [Read More...]

Mt. Diablo’s Moonscape


Entering this moonscape of skeletal branches on Mt. Diablo’s Oak Knoll Trail I didn’t expect to see the burst of wildflowers that was to come. But signs of thriving vegetation soon appeared. Sprouts of the plentiful chemise bush were already a foot high. And thousands of  whispering bells popped up … [Read More...]

Rockin’ the Outback

Showering rocks

In the Land of “127 Hours” I was standing on the edge of a narrow canyon called Middle Keyhole in Zion National Park, a cold waterway behind me, a 25-foot drop ahead of me. My heart was pumping at full pace now. It had started beating faster the moment we arrived at Zion Adventure Company to pick … [Read More...]