• Discovering Wildlife in the East Bay Redwoods
  • Monarchs of Mexico Slide
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  • Unlocking the Mystery of the Ancient Bristlecone Pines

Discovering Wildlife in the East Bay Redwoods

Where can you find wildlife in the East Bay?In the redwoods. That's what kids do. This past summer hundreds of children enjoyed Touch the Earth camp inside Redwood Glen located in Joaquin Miller Park. By tuning in to the natural world they found not only the beauty and peace a forest offers, … [Read More...]

Monarchs of Mexico

The well-groomed horses slogged up the hill, each one bearing the weight of a local or foreign tourist. Each one guided by a local villager who might be anywhere between six and 60. The guide who led my tan horse was an adult, but I was surprised to see young girls and boys alike leading these large … [Read More...]

Ladybug Love Fest

I just returned from a hike where I saw tens of thousands of ladybugs (aka Convergent Lady Beetles) scrambling over each other on logs and twigs, in crevices and cracks, and over thorny vines trying to stay warm. Three bugs thick in some places, these red swarms have been populating sunlit spots … [Read More...]